General Description

The Privacy Statement is an essential issue for our online company. We are experts in the field of online services, and a team of devoted and creative people. So, we pay much attention to security of our customers private information. We understand that you need to be sure about the careful protection of any data you provide us with.

These Privacy Policy regulations are meant to inform you that, in case we inquire any additional data from you, they will be used for making our cooperation more efficient, but not for sharing any information with the third parts.

We practice continuous updating of this page which is meant to make our Privacy Policy still more convincing to you. Be sure to follow all the changes, since our present Privacy Statement has been developed on 04 July, 2014.

How we use your information

All the information received from you will be used only under certain circumstances, if it is necessary for making our service more effective, and this may involve the following procession requirements:

The guaranteed security is ensured by us by:

Usage of cookies may increase efficiency

Cookies are special small files which are located on the hard drive of your PC, but it is possible only when you permit them. They are efficient in helping a user to keep informed about the web traffic changes. A quality web application can be used that helps adjust the cookies to your requirements on the basis of your special demand. By means of cookies we are also able to collect the useful information about your individual needs.

As an online service, we use a specific kind of traffic log cookies that may be helpful in page identification. It is necessary for analyzing the web page traffic related to your preferences. We immediately remove this information from the system after having made some sort of statistical analysis.

Actually, such cookies allow us to see which pages you prefer to visit, and this is helpful for creating a better site. However, they will never be used to get access to your PC, or for making gains from any personal information you don't want to make commonly known.

Although, you are free either to accept cookies or entirely reject them. Some browsers may accept cookies automatically. You may prefer having special adjustments for your browser settings that won't allow cookies. Be aware of the fact that this may prevent you from using your site efficiently.

What way you may use our links to other websites

We also place links to different websites on our site, but we consider their use in our Privacy Policy. If you choose to leave our website by these links, you should be aware of some challenges that we cannot control. So, we are not able to protect your privacy in this case, and we believe that you need to know about this. Such sites are not obliged to follow our Privacy Policy, because they may have their own. So, you must ensure first what kind of the privacy policies they have for the site you intend to use by following our links.

How your personal data is controlled

We would like to suggest your applying the following procedures if you want to limit your personal data use:

No personal data can be distributed, sold or leased without your special permission. Normally, we cannot share this information with third parties, excluding the cases when it is required by law. And vice versa, you may demand that we should provide you with any promotional information from such parties by allowing the use of your personal data.

We are obliged to verify and correct any information we are sending to you. You may inform us if you think that such information is inconsistent by means of the contact addresses on our site.